TVB announce support of The Music Must Go On on 24th February, 2021. The opening speech by Chairman of the IFPI (Hong Kong Group) Limited Mr. Gary Chan.

Dear guests and members of the press,

Today marks a landmark development for the recording industry in Hong Kong.  As organizer of the MUSIC MUST GO ON project, we are pleased to witness its fruition with awareness and widespread support from the community.  The scheme had ensure non-stop music entertainment to the music lovers in Hong Kong under the pandemic.

After months in preparation, the project has produced 113 new recordings of Hong Kong golden melodies modernized by 98 artistes and bands, involving 55 music labels producing works from 93 local composers and lyricists, and created 800+ external jobs locally.

Taking this opportunity, we like to express our gratitude once more to Create Hong Kong, Government of the HKSAR for their support and funding of our initiative.   We take pride that different generations of music professionals, no matter how diverse their musical background is, have all converged to excite our audience at home and overseas with trend setting re-creations.  Above all, the majority of labels as project winners are non-members, attesting our open-ness to the entire industry.

We are grateful to media support all along and in particular today that TVB to announce their full support in promoting the music under The Music Must Go On.

Thank you

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